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The value of your land may be greater than you think.

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Multiple Property AllianceSM – Explained

Simply stated, the assembled value of smaller properties is often greater than the value if sold individually.

Although a property may be located in a high-demand market area, small parcels are undesirable for developers.

Developers require larger development sites to benefit from the economies of scale. They will often reject sites that are less than 5 acres and pay a premium for those that are 7.5 acres or greater.

There are very few sites with common ownership that meet this criteria. Consequently, high-demand development sites must be created by assembling multiple parcels with cooperating landowners.

When you create critical mass, you create value.

Larger sites allow homebuilders to spread the fixed costs of development over more homes, considerably reducing the cost per unit. When homebuilders save money, they can pay more for land while still increasing their profit.

Our proven strategy of a Multiple Property AllianceSM significantly benefits the landowners, as well as the homebuilders.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your participation in a Multiple Property AllianceSM and provide you with a Broker Price Opinion. This document includes a market analysis and an independent opinion of value.

Contact Bill Lenhart, Founder & CEO, to indicate your interest –
[email protected], or by phone at 702-900-7408.

Clark County Aviation Land Auction Results

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On July 18, 2022, at the Clark County Aviation Land Auction, 20 properties totaling 161 acres were auctioned at a collective fair market value of $117,877,500.

Most properties met the minimum bid requirements and were ultimately sold to the highest bidder. 133 acres were sold for a total of $100 million, averaging a price of $757,000 per acre.

The bidding activity at the auction exceeded our expectations. Despite the recent economic uncertainty, the results of the land auction are evidence of continued strong land values in Las Vegas.

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Aviation Auction Results

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How is COVID-19 Affecting the Las Vegas Land Market? 2020 Land Auction Results


Who knew that the Clark County Aviation Property Auction would be an extraordinary market timer?

The department recently finished a surplus vacant land auction, including 157 acres of property valued at $71.3 million, spread across 16 lots. Of the lots sold, nearly all of them sold at, or well above, their projected market value. Read More

Enterprise: 4th Fastest Growing City in America

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If there’s one trend that has defined American growth over the years, it’s westward expansion. For years, we’ve heard the mantra “Go west!” as a call to adventure and opportunity, and in 2020, this certainly holds true. Population growth in the west is bringing great economic opportunities to Southern Nevada, and as Las Vegas land brokers, we’re particularly pleased to see that some of our regions are making national headlines. Read More

Extracting the Most Value Out of Your Land: 4 Things to Look for in a Land Brokerage Firm

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Anyone listing their Las Vegas property for sale has the same end-goal in mind: to earn top-dollar for their land. In a flat or declining market, extracting the most value out of your land is more important than just “getting it sold”—and a successful sale starts with a successful team. Today, then, we’re breaking down five things to look for in a land brokerage group.

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Extracting the Most Value When you Sell Land in Las Vegas: Sunbelt’s Effective MPA Approach

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As seasoned Las Vegas land specialists, we empower sellers to extract the most value from their land through smart strategies and an informed approach. The ultimate example of this? Our our Multiple Property Alliance—or MPA—strategy. Today, we’re breaking down all you need to know about this effective option and how it helps sellers significantly increase the value of their Las Vegas land.

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Sunbelt Development Founder and Managing Partner Bill Lenhart Brokers $44M Las Vegas Land Sale

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As an established land brokerage group in Las Vegas, we have an active role in the land supply chain servicing landowners and developers that need land for their projects. This week, Bill Lenhart, Founding Partner and Manager of Sunbelt’s Development Services Division brokered a large tract of land located on Las Vegas Blvd at the (new) I-15 & Starr Avenue Interchange. The purchaser was a private developer, and the seller was an Institutional Private Equity Group that develops land and provides capital to both Public & Private developers nationwide.

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The Land Market in Las Vegas: A Look at Leading Indicators

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Whether you’re seeking land for sale in Las Vegas or are looking to list your lot, understanding the land market plays a key role in paying a fair price for property in Las Vegas or extracting the most value from your land. At Sunbelt, focusing solely on land sales in our Valley for decades has allowed our team to develop a comprehensive understanding of the market and—in particular—its leading indicators. Today, then, we’re talking land market leading indicators—what they are, why they’re important, and what different indicators can tell you about a constantly shifting market.

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The Economic Impact of Entertainment in Las Vegas: 5 Factors to Consider

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From world-renowned shows to a level of 24/7 accessibility you’ll find no place else, it’s no secret that Las Vegas is unlike any other locale when it comes to entertainment. But how, exactly, does its one-of-a-kind entertainment industry affect the local economy? Today, we’re breaking down all we know about the economic impact of entertainment in the City of Lights. 

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