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The value of your land may be greater than you think.

Multiple Property AllianceSM – Explained

Simply stated, the assembled value of smaller properties is often greater than the value if sold individually.

Although a property may be located in a high-demand market area, small parcels are undesirable for developers.

Developers require larger development sites to benefit from the economies of scale. They will often reject sites that are less than 5 acres and pay a premium for those that are 7.5 acres or greater.

There are very few sites with common ownership that meet this criteria. Consequently, high-demand development sites must be created by assembling multiple parcels with cooperating landowners.

When you create critical mass, you create value.

Larger sites allow homebuilders to spread the fixed costs of development over more homes, considerably reducing the cost per unit. When homebuilders save money, they can pay more for land while still increasing their profit.

Our proven strategy of a Multiple Property AllianceSM significantly benefits the landowners, as well as the homebuilders.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your participation in a Multiple Property AllianceSM and provide you with a Broker Price Opinion. This document includes a market analysis and an independent opinion of value.

Contact Bill Lenhart, Founder & CEO, to indicate your interest –
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