Big developers have Big money and need Big development sites.


The assembled value of your parcel is greater
than the value if sold separately.

multiple property alliance

When homebuilders are looking for land to develop, they need to meet a certain set of criteria. More often than not, homebuilders seek development sites that are 7.5 acres or greater. With sites of this size, homebuilders benefit from the economies of scale, allowing them to spread the fixed costs of development over more homes, reducing their cost per unit. In fact, most homebuilders will not even pursue development sites that are less than 7.5 acres unless they are substantially discounted. If you’re trying to get the most value for your piece of Las Vegas land that is under 7.5 acres, you may be missing out on opportunities to sell to homebuilders who are ready to develop.

Sunbelt’s Developer Services team has developed our own MPA℠ strategy that is specifically designed to increase the value of small parcels that are otherwise undesirable for most developers.

The Sunbelt MPA℠ strategy is a true value-added marketing strategy for landowners. When adjacent small parcel owners create a strategic alliance, they create larger high-demand development sites that developers will compete to purchase.

Historically, when we have increased the number of bidders participating in an offering, the bid prices have also increased.  That’s why we can say that with the MPA℠ Strategy, the ’assembled value‘ of your property may be significantly greater than the ’individual value’.

There are currently ways to create a multiple property assemblage, but only our MPA℠ strategy is proven, non-binding, and can actually add to the value of the cooperating properties. As a landowner, participating in Sunbelt’s MPA℠ strategy will:

  • Create critical mass needed by homebuilders for development
  • Increase your properties buyer pool
  • Create a competitive bidding environment, ensuring you get the most out of your land
  • Increase your properties value by making it more accessible to homebuilders

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