Big developers have Big money and need Big development sites.


The assembled value of your parcel is greater
than the value if sold separately.

multiple property alliance

Homebuilders pay a premium for development sites of 10 acres or more with access to development-ready utilities. However, because sites with common ownership that meet these criteria are rare, high-demand development sites must be created by assembling multiple parcels with cooperating land owners.

Simply stated, a larger development site allows homebuilders to spread the fixed costs of development over more homes, significantly reducing the cost per unit. Consequently, they can pay more money for the land and still increase their profit.

There are several ways to create a multiple property assemblage, but only our proven, value-added, non-binding Multiple Property Alliance significantly benefits the land owners. Land owners with less than 10 acres must be proactive and take strategic action to increase demand for their properties or risk being subject to the law of diminishing returns. By participating in a Multiple Property Alliance, land owners:

  • Create critical mass
  • Increase your buyer pool
  • Create a competitive bidding environment
  • Increase your property value
Multiple Property Alliance

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