Sunbelt Development & Realty Partners, LLC (SDRP), is a real estate Brokerage Company that acts as intermediaries for Buyers and Sellers with an emphasis on land. Our success is built on decades of servicing land owners, local market experience and an understanding of the fundamentals that drive our market.

Founders William “Bill” Lenhart and Scott Paulbick bring over two decades of market experience to their roles as Owners/Managers of Sunbelt Development & Investment Partners, LLC (SDIP). As real estate Brokers/Agents, they have brokered several hundred million dollars in real estate while also being an Owners/Managers of a land investment portfolio.

Market Research is a core competency of SDRP and the foundation of every decision we make. As a result of our full-time research department and analysis of third party studies, we are frequently called upon to provide a unique market perspective to our clients and investment partners. SDRP has developed long-term relationships with Banks, Property Owners, Builders, Private Equity Funds and Private Investors of all sizes through our reputation as a reliable source of local market intelligence.