Sunbelt Development & Investment Partners, LLC (SDIP), is a private commercial real estate investment company that invests solely in land. SDIP is an affiliate of Sunbelt Development & Realty Partners, LLC and acts as the investment manager for investments owned wholly or partially by the company.

Through strategic acquisitions and value added strategies, the owner/managers of SDIP have more than a billion dollars in local transactional experience and a ten-year audited track record of returning an average of 39.28% annual IRR to their investors, net of fees, with an average hold period of 2.58 years.

Market research is at the core of every buy and sell decision. Our investment model is based on feeding a predictable demand cycle with seasoned relationships from our exit-partners. We analyze hundreds of data points as they relate to supply and demand, resulting in forward-looking analytical models that allow us to make reasonable assumptions regarding raw land demand and values during a five-year period.

Our objective is to align ourselves with like-minded accredited investors seeking to participate in upcoming real estate cycles.

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