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Extracting the Most Value Out of Your Land: 4 Things to Look for in a Land Brokerage Firm

By 12.02.19 May 13th, 2020 Sellers' Knowledge

Anyone listing their Las Vegas property for sale has the same end-goal in mind: to earn top-dollar for their land. In a flat or declining market, extracting the most value out of your land is more important than just “getting it sold”—and a successful sale starts with a successful team. Today, then, we’re breaking down five things to look for in a land brokerage group.

  1. Engaging marketing strategy.

Not all real estate listings are created equal. Look for a Las Vegas land brokerage firm that separates itself from the pack with its marketing approach. Your land realtors should have an in-house team that can create stimulating, effective listings that gain traction and create a competitive bidding environment around your land sale. This is about more than a few high-res photos—your land listing should be robust, eye-catching, offer an intuitive user experience, and act as a comprehensive source of information about your property. And, remember: there’s a huge difference between listing your land and actively marketing it. You want a team who has a plan in place to get your property seen by investors, developers, and buyers who are seeking land just like yours—rather than one who has a “list it and forget it” approach. (Psst..learn more more about the role marketing plays in a successful land sale here.) 


  1. Specialists versus dabblers.

A large land brokerage firm that promises national or global exposure may sound appealing at first—but the reality is that 80% of Las Vegas land transactions are between people who are native to the region and already live here or are actively engaged in development here. Using a land brokerage firm that knows the region well and has extensive relationships with developers and investors in the area is an absolute must for extracting the most value out of your land. At Sunbelt, we are specialists—selling land is all that we do. There are hundreds of real estate companies in southern Nevada with several thousand associates, but there are only a few land brokerage firms that only sell land, and Sunbelt is a leader among them. 


When it comes to listing land for sale in Las Vegas, you want to work with an on-the-ground, locally-connected team of land realtors who have their finger on the region’s pulse. They’ll have established relationships with buyers—especially local developers and investors—and can leverage those connections to ensure your land sells to a serious buyer for the most value. (Read more about the importance of local connections when selling your Las Vegas property here.)


  1. High-transaction volume. 

While you want a hands-on, locally-focused land brokerage team, you also want to choose one that operates as an experienced high-volume broker—rather than as a small operation with only a few clients. The more Las Vegas land sales a team oversees, the better their knowledge of the current market and more extensive their list of buyers. Plus, having a robust database of real-time land transactions paints a far more accurate picture of the current market than comps can, which often have a lag-time of months. 


At any given time, Sunbelt has 20-50 transactions in progress (and another 50-100 active listings that we are marketing). We spend over $10,000 every month marketing our clientele’s properties and driving traffic to our proprietary available listing platform. The pending sales and offers that we receive weekly on our listings will be the “comps” in six or nine months. This gives us an over-the-horizon perspective of the market that can only be provided by a high-transaction volume brokerage firm like Sunbelt.


Another major bonus of a high-volume land brokerage? Exposure. More signs on properties throughout the region and an established name in the local community allow you the high level of exposure you need to ensure you extract the most value from your Las Vegas property. (Learn even more about the importance of working with a high-volume land brokerage team here.) 


  1. Proven strategies. 

There are land realtors who sell your land—and then there are land realtors who work strategically to ensure your land doesn’t just sell, but sells seamlessly and for maximum value. Smart, creative, effective strategies can only come from extensive experience in the local market. At Sunbelt, one of the most effective strategies our team has developed is our Multiple Property Alliance, a strategy that allows us to group land parcels in your area together for a higher price (homebuilders pay a premium for development sites of 10+ acres with access to utilities). By grouping your land with other parcels for sale in the area, we can create that rare “goldilocks” property homebuilders are seeking—which drastically increases your buyer pool and your parcel’s worth, and creates a competitive bidding environment.


Overall, choosing the right team of Las Vegas land realtors is such critical step in ensuring your land gets the traction and exposure you need for a successful, profitable sale. Want to know more about how Sunbelt can help you extract the most value from your land? Reach out to our team of local land realtors today.