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November BLM Land Auction Results

The Bureau of Land Management conducted an online sale, offering 16 parcels of public land totaling over 600 acres. The BLM successfully sold nine parcels totaling 589.53 acres in the northwest valley, for a total of $93,141,000. Under the terms of the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998, 85% of the total funds from the sales will be allocated towards projects such as park development, capital improvements on federal lands, acquisition of environmentally sensitive land, hazardous fuels reduction, and landscape restoration. The remaining 15% will go towards the State of Nevada General Education Fund and the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Among the bidders who purchased parcels of various sizes, developer Lawrence Canarelli purchased the largest parcel up for auction, 505 acres near the west end of Centennial Parkway, for $55 million . Some of the smaller parcels are located near the Kyle Canyon and U.S. 95 interchange. The BLM removed a 225-acre parcel from the sale, due to an appraisal issue. The parcels that were not sold may be re-nominated for consideration in future land sales by the local government. 

Follow this link to view the results on the Bureau of Land Management’s website: