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Enterprise: 4th Fastest Growing City in America

By 02.16.20 May 6th, 2020 Sellers' Knowledge

If there’s one trend that has defined American growth over the years, it’s westward expansion. For years, we’ve heard the mantra “Go west!” as a call to adventure and opportunity, and in 2020, this certainly holds true. Population growth in the west is bringing great economic opportunities to Southern Nevada, and as Las Vegas land brokers, we’re particularly pleased to see that some of our regions are making national headlines.

Enterprise, Nevada was just ranked the 4th fastest growing city in America, beating out other fast-growing cities such as Frisco, Texas and Fort Myers, Florida. Enterprise is an unincorporated town in Clark County, located near the southern edge of the Las Vegas Valley.

We could attribute this to the fact that Enterprise—and Southern Nevada overall—is simply a great place to live, featuring nearly 300 days of sunshine per year and close proximity to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. But putting aside our personal opinions and considering the numbers, it’s clear that Enterprise deserves its place on the national stage.

Population Growth – Enterprise on Top

The rankings were assembled by the crew at WalletHub, who reviewed 515 U.S. cities on 17 key indicators related to sociodemographics, jobs, and the economy to identify hotspots of economic growth in the region. Researchers examined seven years of data across regional gross domestic product (GDP), population growth, and unemployment rates to get an idea of how each region stacks up in today’s economic climate. More than any other mid-sized city, Enterprise showed steady growth over the years.

Back in 2010, Enterprise’s population sat at around 108,000, but by 2017, it had skyrocketed to nearly 156,000. In terms of year-over-year growth, it’s fair to call that meteoric. Of course, when you consider just a few of the great developments happening around Southern Nevada, it’s easy to see why things are moving so fast.

As a Las Vegas land brokerage firm, we’ve worked on several projects—alongside home builders in the region—to support housing and our local communities in the area. These include the Pardee Homes Development near Silverado Ranch and Arville Street, with resort-style accommodations designed specifically for active adult communities, as well as the Century Communities Development on Gomer Road and Tenaya Way, just one of many Century developments you’ll find in the Nevada metro. We’ve also worked on multiple properties with D.R. Horton, which you’ll find near Shelbourne Avenue and Buffalo Drive.

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface here in terms of Las Vegas land brokerage projects. There’s a lot happening in the area, and Enterprise’s growth is just one example of how the region is growing to support a larger and more diverse community.

Southern Nevada is Growing

Not surprising to us Las Vegas land owners, Southern Nevada performed well across many of these variables. Enterprise took the crown with a top four spot, but other Nevada destinations were represented in the rankings as well, including Henderson, Spring Valley, and Las Vegas itself.

And when you consider all the great things happening in Southern Nevada, it’s easy to see why these are moving so fast. Developments like the new Raider’s Stadium are set to boost property values in the region—great news for companies that want to get in on the action and buy land in Las Vegas for themselves.

WalletHub’s report is proof that Southern Nevada is the place to be for both residents looking for new experiences and those interested in Las Vegas land investments. As a brokerage firm that specializes in Las Vegas developments, we feel confident in saying that these are only the beginning. There’s a lot more coming down the pike, so stay tuned for more industry information and insights on the growth of Southern Nevada.