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Extracting the Most Value When you Sell Land in Las Vegas: Sunbelt’s Effective MPA Approach

By 10.17.19 May 6th, 2020 Sellers' Knowledge
As seasoned Las Vegas land specialists, we empower sellers to extract the most value from their land through smart strategies and an informed approach. The ultimate example of this? Our our Multiple Property Alliance—or MPA—strategy. Today, we’re breaking down all you need to know about this effective option and how it helps sellers significantly increase the value of their Las Vegas land.

What is MPA?  

Our Multiple Property Alliance approach allows us to group like-parcels together for a higher price. Developers will pay a premium price for sites that are 10 acres or more, with access to development-ready utilities. Because sites like these are rare, we can create high-demand development sites—and a competitive bidding environment surrounding them—by grouping multiple pieces of Las Vegas land with cooperating land owners as one single sale. Simply put, the assembled value of property is greater than the individual value of a single parcel—and our MPA strategy capitalizes on this in a way that benefits both large developers and private sellers. 


Who does MPA benefit? 

MPA benefits both sellers and buyers/developers:

  • Sellers benefit because: They’re able to create a far more valuable land sale and significantly increase the demand for—and value of—their land. Rather than sell land in Las Vegas that’s only a few acres and not enticing to a large buyer pool, sellers can instead create a high-demand development site that developers are willing to pay a premium for.


  • Developers benefit because: A larger development site allows homebuilders to spread the fixed costs of development over more homes—significantly reducing the cost per unit. Ultimately, this means developers can pay a higher price for land while still increasing their profit.


Who should consider an MPA approach when they sell land in Las Vegas?

If you’re selling less than 10 acres of Las Vegas land, our unique MPA approach is for you. It allows you to significantly increase the value of your land, increase your buyer pool, and create a competitive bidding environment amongst serious buyers (developers/homebuilders) who are willing to pay a premium for a larger lot.


How do I create a Multiple Property Alliance?

There are three ways to multiple property assemblages happen—but only Sunbelt’s non-binding Multiple Property Alliance actually benefits landowners in the process:

  1. You can sell to an investor: Here, investors are buying multiple properties individually, and then assembling them as a single parcel to resell to developers for higher value. In this case, the buyer/investor benefits from the assembled value.


  1. You can sell to a homebuilder: In this case, homebuilders make single-property acquisitions on their own, and the buyer/homebuilder benefits from the assembled value.


  1. You can participate in Sunbelt’s Multiple Property Alliance: In this case, you create an MPA listing with your neighbors to offer your grouped land as a large-site. In this case, landowners benefit from the assembled value of their parcels, which is much greater than the sum of its parts.  


How do I get connected with developers?

Because we specialize solely in land, our Las Vegas land brokerage experts have close connections to the area’s best developers and most serious buyers. Operating as a hub for buyers and sellers—combined with our extensive experience with land for sale in Las Vegas—allows our team to connect sellers with the developers who are willing to pay a premium for land like theirs.


Wondering how else Sunbelt helps you earn the most value when you sell land in Las Vegas? Learn more about listing your land with our trusted team of Las Vegas realtors by contacting us here.