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Nicole Bloom Ready to Tackle 2023’s Challenges

Nicole Bloom, president of Southern Nevada Home Builders is ready to tackle challenges that may come in 2023. Rising cost in the lumber market and high interest rates are some of the issues that appear to be no small feat to overcome. According to Bloom, she plans to work with policymakers to keep regulatory costs and land-impacts to a minimum. To ease concerns of those that are reminded of the 2008 recession Nicole reassures her readers that current lending guidelines do not allow for the similar outcome of the 2008 recession.

Nicole Bloom is also a great inspiration and role model for professional women and is an advocate for women in leadership. There are talks about opening up the Southern Nevada Trades High School, which is a project that will provide educational opportunities for young individuals that want to pursue a career in homebuilding and other trades. She stated that she is passionate about showing young women the great opportunities that exist in this industry. One of her priorities is the Professional Women in Building Council. The Council focuses on advancing women in the homebuilding industry through scholarships, mentorships, and networking opportunities. The Council has recently formed a nonprofit corporation to fund the scholarships and to help women on a whole other scale.

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