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New Home Demand Continues to Increase in Las Vegas

According to a new report based on online searches by around 2 million users, the Las Vegas Valley is the most searched place for relocating homebuyers. A large part of buyers relocating to Las Vegas is mainly due to lower home prices. 25% of users nationwide looked to move to another metropolitan area in the second quarter of the year. Clark County has also seen an influx of people who moved to the state, approximately 115 people every day, according to UNLV CBER. The county is predicted to gain 42,066 residents this year, the largest surge the county has seen since 2020. UNLV CBER predicts that Clark County will gain 56,000 new residents in 2026. Andrew Woods, director of UNLV’s CBER, stated that they have seen this trend with our county’s population growth and home prices in southern California. About 60% of Southern Nevada’s population growth comes from outside the state.

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