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Lake Mead to Get a Water Level Boost After New Agreement

Water districts in California, working alongside farmers, have agreed to significant water usage cuts in exchange for $295 million from the federal government. As a result of the agreement, water levels in Lake Mead are expected to rise. This is a continuation of water conservation already being done, with the lake already up by 40 feet compared to projections made the previous year. The Biden Administration is undertaking the most substantial climate investment in history through the Inflation Reduction Act. The sum of $295 million will be allocated to water districts in California to encourage substantial reductions in water usage. Despite previous disagreements, major users of Colorado River water, including California, have come together to bridge divides. The agreements involve several California water agencies, states, and tribes, committing to conserving up to 643,000 acre-feet of water in Lake Mead through 2025. The investments are part of the Biden-Harris administration’s comprehensive approach to improve and protect the stability and sustainability of the Colorado River System. These efforts include water conservation, efficiency projects, and environmental protection, with a focus on collaboration among state agencies, tribes, farmers, and water districts.

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