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The FED’s Aim is for an Economic Soft Landing in 2024

Despite concerns about economic cooling indicated by recent data, experts suggest a “steady as she goes” scenario for 2024, with the Federal Reserve’s goal of achieving a soft landing seeming plausible as the economy slows without an immediate negative turn. In the article,  the director of UNLV’s Center for Business & Economic Research, Andrew Woods, said “For 2024 I think steady as she goes in terms of how businesses continue to make rational choices in a world where interest rates and the costs of doing business, the cost of money, stay high for the foreseeable future.” Nevada’s economic landscape in 2024 is expected to see growth in existing industries, including healthcare expansion and the resort sector, provided discretionary spending remains stable. Despite shifts in the housing market and a psychological impact on homeowners due to flattened or declining home prices, there is a positive outlook in the real estate sector. Moreover, the demand for commercial real estate industrial products remains strong, driven by the significant shift to online purchasing. Regardless of increased interest rates, overall demand remains positive.

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